Mexico stocks close trading day session on a high note

by Mike Elliot | Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016 | 147 views

Mexico stocks were higher than anticipated the traders from the neighbouring country the US enjoyed their thanksgiving holiday. Experts attribute the high close to the gains that were registered by the major sectors of the country’s economy including Materials, the Industrial and consumer goods sector. Each of the sectors had registered gains which spurred the overall stock market gains across the board. There were also a few downs, although they were outnumbered by those which recorded gains.

Market information

On the close of the trading day on Friday, the IPC rose by 0.2 % following the overall rise in market shares. There were both best performers and worst performers. The top performers of the day were MEXCHEM which registered a rise of nearly 6 % to trade 2.590 points higher and closing the trading day at 47.490.

Others were NEMAKA and CMXCPO which rose by 2.09 % and 1.97 % respectively. The former rose by 0.38 points and closed the Friday trading session at 18.57, while the latter ended its trading session at 16.540 or 0.320 points higher than its initial value prior to the onset of the trading session.

Those performed the worst included ALPEKA, WLMEX and FMSAUBD. ALPEKA lost by 2.16 % or 0.610 points lower. Meanwhile, WELMEX lost 0.440 points or 1.16 % and closed its trading session at 37.600, while FMSAUBD dropped by the least value of 1.10 % equivalent to 1.840 points and closed at 164.910.

Overall, the number of stocks which lost during the trading day was less than those which gained. 152 stocks registered gains, while 96 and 7 dropped and remained unchanged respectively.

Gold performance

Gold performed fairly badly losing at least 6.30 points or 0.53 % and closing at $1183. This is yet another loss for Gold whose week as been gloomy from the start.



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