Could the market volatility – purchase of energy stocks?

by Mike Elliot | Thursday, Dec 1, 2016 | 146 views

On Monday, markets ended on a low as losses continued to characterise the stocks. Out of the nine market sectors which exist, seven registered mega losses. For most investors, this is a gloomy market scenario that they cannot wait to see off. But, it is not so long ago that the same stocks registered gains. In particular, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had recorded gains shortly after the end of thanksgiving. However, experts have labelled it a new opportunity for investors to actually take advantage of. It may just be a window of opportunity for investors who may want to invest in energy.

The market scenario on Monday

On Monday, the Nasdaq registered a loss of 0.56 % closing at 5, 368.81. On the other hand, the Dow Industrial Jones Average recorded a 0.28 % loss causing it to end the trading session at 19, 097.90. the S&P was no better as it also lost by 0.53 % ending its trading session at 2, 201.72. It is clear that all the stocks showed signs of volatility considering that they had just hit high records following the Thanksgiving holiday. This prompted the experts at to review many equities.

The review results

Clean energy fuels declined by nearly 5 % ending their trading day at $3.51. The trading volume of shares in the name of the stock was numbering up to 1.68 million.
Meanwhile, ONEOK Inc concluded its trading session with a drop of 1.73 % closing at $52.82. This represents a total share volume of close to 1.20 million. In the last month alone, ONEOK had registered a rise in shares amounting to 8.88 % and a further 12.94 % in the past three months alone.

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