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Roger James – Financial Reporter

Overall experience of 10+ years


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“Sell High buy Low” Sounds easy right? Well this line took me around 10 years to understand.

Roger – “When I first started trading in college we barley had updated graphs, in order for you to trade you needed to wait for updates in the newspaper every morning, nowadays that technology is at its best, people can trade from every place on earth, all they need is their Smartphone”

Roger’s articles are mainly focusing U.S stocks and how they impact other markets around the world. There are many analysts out there who are chasing after news without double checking their information this puts many traders is risk as they tend to trade according to financial news – Always remember, you need to understand what you read before you trade, this is one of the rules you need to follow in order for you to become a successful trader.

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Trader Type:  Trader Preferred

Approach:  Mainly for Beginners