Weekend update on world markets

by Mike Elliot | Thursday, Dec 8, 2016 | 119 views

The world markets last week presented a number of interesting results. But, there is one thing which characterised the world indexes over the past week; no gain was registered by any of the indexes save one. The Nekkei, which is the main Japanese index, was the only one which registered gains, although they were equally mild. According to the market data, the index registered a growth of 0.24 %. But, this was still an indication that the index continued to be afloat despite the negative scenario which characterised the market throughout the course of last week. The Nikkei had actually gained on a third consecutive basis in three weeks.

Other world indexes

The other indexes faired quite badly. Not shocking as the only index to have recorded a gain also failed to impress. Among the nine indexes that are considered as the world’s major indexes on the world market, only the Japanese Nikkei impressed although its gains were also moderate. The worst of all was Germany’s DAXK which had lost by close to 2 % after it surrendered up to 1.74 % of its gains. UK’s index, the FTSE was rallying close behind the DAXK and registered a loss of 1.61 %. Others registered more reasonable losses although the S&P was somewhat very close to the likes of the FTSE and DAXK after it recorded a loss equal to 0.97 %. This is actually as low as third from the bottom.

Performance compared to the last four weeks

The performance comparison based on the last four weeks shows that the eight indexes have an average performance ranging between -0.7 % and 1.73 %. Among the four past weeks, the indexes performed the best in the first week when they recorded an average gain of 1.72 %. Last week’s performance was the worst with an average gain of 0.76 %.

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