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by FinanceVersity | Friday, Jun 24, 2016 | 264 views

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This page is a new creation of mine, as I have mentioned in my previous discussions I am set on completing quite a challenging task over the course of this summer – Creating, Launching, Establishing and producing a World Class Binary Option trading platform. That means my lovely readers that I need to source and secure the technology to provide this Binary Trading Platform from one of the small group of established providers that are out there.

As always I am not just thinking of my own benefits, I am also thinking that perhaps the research and findings, not to mention the finished results as and when they come, should be and will be tremendously useful to anyone nearing or actually in my position, looking to open and run a successful Binary Option Brand.

From my findings so far I have come to the conclusion that there are truly only five Binary option technology providers out there to deal with, or at least that are worthwhile to deal with! Most binary option platforms choose to use a third-party software to power their brokerages as opposed to developing the technology themselves. Here are the top five to deal with and secure technology from;

Marketspulse –  Techfinancials – Tradologic  – Tradesmarter – Spotoption

Very soon I will be updating this page with a review style report on all of the above. Now comes the tricky part, getting in touch with the right people at these companies, connecting to them on social sources like linked in, receiving price proposals and working out truly who has the best solution for my needs! As always feedback is greatly appreciated! Wish me luck friends, got a feeling this time I truly will need it…


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