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Binary Options Trading Strategy

There are plenty of ways in which you can make money with Binary Options, however there are simple strategies which everybody should know while they are trading, one of them uses “Google News”.

Today FinanceVersity brought to you thank to a video of their client made which explains how easy it easy to make money using Google News. Enjoy!

Make Money with Google News -Sscript

Hello everyone,
My name is George Russo, and today I am going to show you how I make over 900 euros with Option500 platform.
I started trading with, 6 months ago, and at first I didn’t know much about trading binary option , but a friend told me he makes a lot of money and I really wanted to quit my job as a salesman.
After watching on website all their videos on the Education Center and of course with some help I got from their analysts, I manage nowadays to make over 7500 Euros every Month with barley no effort! I just seat in the coffee shop next to my house and trade!
I started with an initial deposit of 7000 euros, it was all my savings, and now after 6 months, my account reached a total balance of more than 50,000 Euros!
Ok let me show you how I do it myself

This is my personal account… from the right you can see my balance… I withdraw money every month, so plus minus my balance stays between 40 to 50 thousands, it depends how much I decide to withdraw each time.
From the left you have different assets ready to trade… I usually trade stocks because I feel comfortable with things that I understand, for example Apple, Microsoft etc., but of course you can apply my method on every asset, it doesn’t really matter.
I click now on stock, and I check that the High/Low is set… from now on the easy strategy begins.

Basically All you need to do here, is to look for an asset that you plus minus feel comfortable with… it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know much about the company like who is the CEO or what they worth, all you need to know, is what basically this company is doing.
Once you picked your stock you go on google and you search for that specific stock under the “news” section.
Now why would you do that??
Since the world of trading is something that fluctuates very often, we get different news every day….
Good news effect traders in a positive way and make the price of the stock climb higher, while bad news brings the price of a stock down.
Thanks to google amazing search features, you can find under “news”, the most updated articles related to your stock .
You then, read the title to understand whether the price is going to be higher or lower based on the news!
Quick reminder : these are quick trades, you are not going to buy stocks now and hold them for days, the best range is between 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Let me show you an example :
I am taking Barclays as my stock, I go on google, search Barclay and click news… now I can see it shows few results from the past few hours… Read them briefly and try to understand if the stock is going to have a good or a bad day. If you don’t understand what it says, or you are not sure what you feel about this stock, leave it ! Remember we are here to make money as a primary income! So for example after searching Barclays I see it say :
“Barclays is pulling out of Africa”
“Barclays seems confused” etc
The more updated the news are, the better for us!
Obviously from title we see Barclays is not showing any positive news today, and probably will end up lower.
we go on the platform itself…..

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