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Broker Comparison – Many Beginners who wants to get inside the wonderful world of trading stop in front of a big wall of doubts which broker should they choose to be their first one. FinaceVersity is here to make sure you know all truth before you make that decision, thanks to the powerful community of traders with have the ability to track those (brokers) which harm the market and spot the real and good ones.

In todays session we will focus on making a comparison between two leading brokers in the field of trading, one is Option500 and the other is Plus500. Similar names almost but big difference in features and what they offer.

Watch the video below and see which one is better for your purposes.


Comparison – Plus500 Vs Option500

There are plenty of good points and rating on the behalf of both, however when it comes to trading you can choose only one and its better it this one will be the ONE, so you won’t need to change a broker every few months and even years – We are here to make money nothing but that.

Mark Anderson, Professional analysts and trader with overall experience of 9 years, made the Broker Comparison pretty straight forward and easy for you to understand which broker is better for you.

Mark:”After making plenty of reviews and checking many brokers in the industry I came up with 5 points that really tell you what you need in order for you to find that right broker for you. These are the list of point you want to take when making a Broker Comparison.

1. Website – Some people don’t see it, but if you take a look and try to be the other side for a second think about the website as your store, if your store looks nice means the owner puts a lot of effort in making you feel comfortable while you shop, same here, nice website with easy navigation can really tell what’s the financial position the broker is at, the effort he is putting and more. So point one is defiantly important when making a Broker Comparison. You can see the Chart below to see the rating for the specific brokers.

2. Education Center – the world of trading can be sometime tricky, if you don’t learn the right strategies and understand the basics you can quickly find yourself in a losing position. Brokers that create Education Center automatically means he is with the good side, for the simple fact that he does not want you to lose, he wants you to make money and be happy so he can get his commission for long time and you both be happy. Look for Education Center when you make a Broker Comparison.

3.Platform – Probably the most important thing,we want it to be simple and straight forward but at the same time professional, try see in your Broker Comparison how many assets the broker offers, which type of trading you get to choose from and whether they have a demo account you can try or not, all these point build a good decision when choosing a broker.

4.Trading types – Focus on things you understand, you are into Binary Options well don’t look for brokers who specialize with Forex Trading, look for a broker who can give you the best result in the industry – * brokers that give you many services often tend to offer less  quality.

5.  Support – Last but not least, this point should actually get high priority in your decision, if a broker does not offer you quick service and support, DON’T! there are plenty of brokers out there, focus on those with the great support, easy access etc.


Broker Comparison Summery – Chart Below:

Broker Comparison

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